DAT instruments, exhibition, Geofluid 2012

DAT instruments to GEOfluid 2012

This Italian company, appreciated at an International and National level for its hardware and software dedicated to drilling and cement injections, will be present to next GEOfluid exhibition. Among DAT instruments news, Webinair service stands up, a videoconference for technical assistance.

The closeness to its marketplace is underlined by DAT instruments while being present to next GEOfluid exhibition (booth 167 – lane C – pavilion 1), with its new Webinair service and its well appreciated idea to be “Open for holidays”.

DAT instruments, exhibition, Geofluid 2012To GEOfluid exhibition, planned from October, 3 to October 6 in Piacenza Expo center (Italy), DAT instruments will show its entire range of products which have been thought, planned and realized for special foundation marketplace and for Jet grouting, Grouting, Cement injection, Drilling, DAC test, CFA, Deep mixing, Soil mixing, Vibroflotation, Diaphragms, Lugeon tests and Mineral investigation. Visitors will have the opportunity to touch the data loggers and sensors in order to appreciate their “made in Italy” quality.

DAT instruments, webinair, technical assistance, videoconferenceIn this occasion DAT instruments will officially present Webinair, its new service. “This is – Amedeo Valoroso, DAT instruments CEO explains – a videoconference service dedicated to technical assistance. In the months before GEOfluid we have tested a real virtual room. With this room it is possible to have a technical videoconference via skype with our Customers. In this way all doubts of every technician in field will be dispelled as when we are personally present in field but avoiding travel costs. In my opinion this is a very useful service – and first confirmations follow this sensation – quick and able to make Customer save money in this very difficult period”.

We want to underline, always caring about Customer needs in field, that this year too DAT instruments will carry out the initiative “Open for holidays”. This means that this company will never close during 2012 summer months in order to make easier every company works, in Italy and abroad, which will be working in August too. As a matter of fact, spare parts and technical support will be at Customer disposal as during the other months of the year.

  • GEOfluid: Booth 167, Lane C, Pavilion 1
  • Skype for videoconferences: datinstruments
DAT instruments
Via Mestre 12, 21050 Cairate (VA)
Tel. 0039 0331071147
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– Jet grouting – Cement injections – TAM grouting – Drilling – MWD –
– CFA – Deep mixing – Soil mixing – Vibroflotation –
– Diaphragm walls – Hydromills – Lugeon tests –

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