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New web site http://www.datinstruments.com

The new DAT instruments Website, with renewed graphics and contents, is the perfect tool to find the right solution for data recording and automation in drilling, geotechnics and special foundations sector.

 A modern company, with distinctive international characteristics like DAT instruments, should not “be subjected to” the internet, instead it should live the Web as a constant opportunity to let people know about the countless potentialities of its products and services. A strategy meant for a more and more extended and attentive public who have access to the internet through any device.

From Graphics to Contents

The new website (www.datinstruments.com) has a completely renewed aesthetic aspect. A restyling that does not end in itself, but aims to the possibility of offering more contents, news and a complete overview of the range of products developed by the Company based in Varese, in the north of Italy, without forgetting the specific vision of the world of drilling that always stands out DAT instruments.

The website lets you evaluate every single datalogger according to the application required. In fact, DAT instruments developed a solution for each kind of technology needed. The company offers to the market a really wide range of dataloggers for jet grouting, cement injections, tam grouting, drilling, DAC test, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, vibroflotation, diaphragm walls, hydromills and Lugeon Test.

In this regard we must underline that the pages dedicated to each product are even more detailed and full of information.

“The new website”, confirms Amedeo Valoroso, founder and owner of DAT instruments, “is a work-in-progress project, it is constantly evolving and it will be continuously updated with new contents. It is currently available in Italian and English but we are already working to add new languages, in order to follow the international footprint of our market. We are also thinking of adding a chat, to establish a direct contact with the connected professionals”.

A technical overview

The new DAT instruments website is obviously responsive, it can be adapted to each kind of device: from a classical PC to a tablet or smartphone. The creative concept was based on a setting that would permit an extremely easy use and a clear interactivity with the client. The attention to the SEO decrees lets you find the new website with extreme facility  using the specific parameters Google research or the image search.


DAT instruments
Via Mestre 12, 21050 Cairate (VA)
Tel. 0039 0331071147

DAT instruments, dataloggers for geotechnics and special foundations, press releases

Datalogger for geotechnics and special foundations:
– Jet grouting – Cement injections – TAM grouting – Drilling – MWD –
– CFA – Deep mixing – Soil mixing – Vibroflotation –
– Diaphragm walls – Hydromills – Lugeon tests –

For pictures and news about hydromills fill all fields:





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