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New Wireless Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sensor

New Wireless Electromagnetic Sensor Delivers Superior Performance from Grouting Injections and Lugeon Testing.

DAT instruments, JET FLOW, wireless electromagnetic flowmeterDAT instruments, the Italian datalogger and software manufacturer, announces an innovative new wireless electromagnetic flowmeter sensor that focus on the special needs of grouting injections and Lugeon testing fields. This sensor brings new levels of data display, critical to project monitoring, direct to site PCs via either wireless or USB cable, for real-time viewing and data recording and storage. “Conventional and industrial flowmeters currently on the market are limited to displaying a flow count figure of cement or water, which will be useful only when being actively viewed,” said Amedeo Valoroso, CEO of DAT instruments. “We’ve created smart hardware, adding more function to our range electromagnetic flowmeter so that, when used with our JET DSP 100 / IR datalogger and JET 4000 AME / I datalogger, they provide a considerably larger and more valuable amount of information such as pressure fluctuation graphs, flow and volume graph, pressure and volume graphs, GIN and Lugeon test graphs.
Data are displayed in real time and recorded on the project site computer where highly accurate and complete digital reports of grouting injections and Lugeon testing can be viewed and compiled. Another major benefit of the sensor-to-computer connection is a more controlled management of cement consumption.
DAT instruments provide the JET S 104 software, designed to enhance and record data of drilling, special foundations and site investigation on computers, to allow the creation of final report digital graphs that can then be printed or shared electronically across the project team.
All sensors and software are part of DAT instruments designing and manufacturing process in Italy.

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