Easy DAT, DAT instruments software, datalogger

Turning point for the Easy DAT software

Article published on ‘Macchine Edili News’ and ‘GeoDrilling International’, November 2019

Easy DAT, grouting, TAM grouting

Easy DAT is DAT instruments software that manages all data loggers produced by the Italian company. Today Customers can choose to use Easy DAT with a subscription. This is an easy and cheap solution.

The right software for each job

DAT instruments produces instruments to record data for any kind of special foundation, geotechnical and mineral investigation jobs: jet grouting, cement injection, GIN, TAM grouting, compensation grouting, drilling, DAC test, CFA, deep mixing (DSM), soil mixing, vibroflotation, sand compaction piles (SCP), diaphragm walls, hydromills and Lugeon tests. Data loggers such as JET DSP 100, JET SDP, JET 4000 AME, DAT TinyLog and DAT WideLog carry out the recording process. While working, these instruments acquire data that are then downloaded via USB pen-drive or via Internet and are managed using Easy DAT software. DAT WideLog and DAT TinyLog are already creating files compatible with Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc and they can be connected to Easy DAT software to print reports in graphic format and to store data. A unique software to manage all DAT instruments equipment avoiding installing useless applications on the PC.

The cheapest choice

Easy DAT, DAT instruments software, datalogger

Following the updated market trend, DAT instruments has started a subscription service. In this way, it is possible to streamline the use of this software and to save money. It is possible to pay for a 12 months subscription, which is cheaper than buying the software. After 12 months, the Customer can choose if confirming another 12 months of subscription or if stopping it and paying for its subscription later when needed. Customer care is included in the software subscription, together with remote assistance. In addition to that, if the Customer does not want to install this software (very easy operation), it is possible to book a remote assistance meeting with DAT instruments technical staff, who will remotely install the software on Customer PC.

Buying or subscribing

Amedeo Valoroso, presentation, Easy DAT

Why a Customer should choose to subscribe instead of buying the software? The answer to this question comes from Amedeo Valoroso, DAT instruments CEO and owner: “Everyone who has bought a software with unlimited license knows that this is untrue. OS are continuously updated and hardware becomes too old. The DOS programs were not suitable for Windows. A Windows 98 software did not work with Windows NT and XP. In addition to that, many software perfect for Windows 7 are no more suitable for Windows 10. In this case, the user needs to buy the updated version of the software, spending a lot of money. For this reason, the software subscription is more convenient. While the subscription is valid, the software is always up to date, available even for the latest Windows version and with customer care service for any need. Another reason why it is more convenient to subscribe instead of buying is that you can use it when you need it. If after 12 months the Customer does not need to work with data any more, it is possible to suspend the subscription and choosing to have the software again, in the most updated version, when needed, maybe after some years”.

Some specifications

Easy DAT is available in Italian, English and French languages but it is possible to create reports in other languages, as it is possible to customize texts to add to graphics.

During subscription months, the software is always up to date. Updates, installation and customer care are free as included in the annual royalty.

Subscription is for 12 months. Three levels of subscription are available:

  • Easy DAT – BASE
  • Easy DAT – SILVER
  • Easy DAT – GOLD

The difference is in the number of data loggers it is possible to connect and in functions included. If necessary, it is possible to upgrade from one level to the upper simply paying the difference.

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